“The Collector” by Nora Roberts


Why does Nora Roberts have a reputation to be some sort of “naughty” author? “The Collector” is probably the 7th or 8th book I’ve read of hers and she is absolutely amazing! Her writing transcends all generations so women from their early 20s to their late 90s can enjoy her stories. Sure, there are some “naughty” scenes and kissing and mushy love, but what well-rounded book doesn’t have that?

In “The Collector,” Lila is a house sitter-blogger-writer that witnesses a possible murder-suicide from her high rise apartment in NYC. Upon doing so, she ends up intertwined with the crime as well as the handsome artist brother of the victim, Ash, to discover the truth about what happened that night. They go on an adventure taking them as far as Italy to figure out the truth. What they find puts them in dangerous situations as well as a romantic relationship. Someone who is used to instability throughout her whole life, Lila finds stability and love with Ash, something she battles along with the dangerous criminals who put several members of Ash’s family in the grave. It’s a wonderful murder mystery and love story at the same time and one that I couldn’t put down if I tried!

Roberts recognizes that every female reader wants to place themselves in the shoes of the heroine. I’ve read several books where I didn’t like the main character and couldn’t stand being her in this imaginary world, so I would just stop reading. But Lila is doing exactly what I aspire to do: follow your own, unconventional path.

Lila created her own profession as a house sitter and sits for clients with gorgeous apartments in downtown NYC. While she hangs out and goes place to place, she’s also a moderately successful young adult-fiction writer as well as a blogger. The book recognizes she doesn’t make a ton of money doing what she does, but it also recognizes that Lila loves her life.

That’s exactly how I aspire to live my life. Sure, I didn’t decide to be the traditional indian daugther and become a doctor. I made my own path, graduated with a math degree, and now I aspire to be a teacher while blogging and writing books. I also want to travel the world and live from other people’s points of view.

And I wouldn’t mind kicking some assasin butt along the way. I think I got the chops for it! What do you think?



  1. If you like her books like The Collector you should read in In Death series, she writes it under the pen name J.D. Robb, they can be found in the mystery section and most bookstores. I absolutely love Nora Roberts, I’ve read close to every book she’s published.

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