Life, Time, & Happiness

What makes life so difficult to enjoy? Why is it that the instant we find something incredible, instead of enjoying it moment by moment, we can’t help but be afraid we may lose it? And even if we want to be happy right then and there, we can’t shed the lingering feelings of anxiety, preemptive remorse, and potential heartbreak.

When our favorite season comes along, we can barely enjoy the snowflakes because we think about how quick a snowfall lasts. Even through a snow storm, we count the snow days until we have to get back to our real lives.

When the holidays come along, the days fly by so quickly, it’s hard to even enjoy being with family because we know the holidays don’t last forever.

When we meet someone new, we’re afraid of every move we make, every thing we say, because we don’t want to lose them.

Is this because of life’s conditioning? Are we so used to losing great things in our lives that when another great thing comes along we thing it will be taken away also? I don’t think so.

It’s because moments in life don’t last long enough. Time moves so slowly when we’re apart from the ones we love, and when we’re with them, moments move in milliseconds. We know it’s impossible to freeze time, yet somehow time has figured out a way to manipulate itself as it wishes. How do we stop it?

We enjoy every single possible second as much as we possibly can. We beat time at it’s own game.

That’s why we must dance in the snow as if it will last all year.  Laugh with our families like the holidays never end. And love who we’re with like we’ll never get our heart broken.

It’s a tough thing to do, but what a shame it would be to live any other way.

For this is the meaning of lifetime happiness.


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