Eat the Stupid Chip

Have you ever saved that one nacho in the center of the plate for the very end? You know which one I’m talking about; the delicious hub of all the cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and chili. It was just way to good to eat first, so you wait and eat all around it, sometimes violating it and using it for dipping other chips into. And then you wait until the very end so you can enjoy that glorious chip… all…by…itself.

How’s that been working out for ya?

Delayed gratification: the root of all evil. The excuse we give ourselves to not enjoy happiness that second. So we can ride the wave of anticipation until that magical moment when we can take a bite into happiness.

But have you ever wondered how that happiness would compare if we simply enjoyed it from the first second instead of waiting?

Well, here’s what I’ve been realizing more and more lately: the longer I delay gratification, the magnitude of happiness that I could experience decreases over time.

Because you know what happens to the good nacho chip? It gets soggy.

Or worse: someone else eats it. (I could have killed her…)


But what happens if we just ate the chip right then and there? We can be as happy as possible and even a half an hour later we still experience the high of a great nacho!

So next time, kick delayed gratification to the curb and eat the stupid chip. Unless of course, you like soggy chips.

Or you’re out for blood.

Much Luv,


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