Why I Shaved My Legs Today


So today was just like any ordinary day. I was hanging out with my mom watching some good ol’ Food tv when the doorbell rang. We weren’t expecting company so I reluctantly opened the door to see who it was. It was some guy trying to see if we were interested in having his company take care of our lawn. I proceeded to tell him we already have someone who takes care of that for us but thanks anyway.

Then something weird happened.

We were no longer making eye contact. Now, as a 34D myself I’m no stranger to the phrase “eyes up here, sailor.” In fact, this guy was doing nothing to hide the fact that he was no longer making eye contact with me. AT ALL. But he wasn’t looking at my 34Ds.

He was looking at my legs.

Ok ok so my boyfriend has been out of town since last week so who am I trying to impress? Usually women who don’t shave for a couple days don’t have to worry too much. Umm, not me. I’m Indian. If I go 2 hours without shaving any traveling salesman within a 3 mile radius will be able to tell.

He wouldn’t stop rambling about this and that even after I told him we already have someone who maintains our lawn. But he probably didn’t hear me, he was mesmerized by the long hairy beasts beneath my shorts.

I finally had to cut him off. “UM NO THANK YOU BYE!” And shut the door on him.

But here’s what I want to know: why does social convention dictate that I need to take an extra 15 minutes a day in the shower to shave my legs when this guy can run around with two Yetis on his legs? I say 15 minutes because contrary to male belief it takes longer than a couple seconds to take care of it. I said “a day” because, well lets be honest, I’m Indian. Enough said.

Now I’m not a feminist by any means. But when it comes to things like this where society makes me do way more work than guys, it makes me mad! I’m lazy enough as it is. I don’t need lawn maintenance guys judging me and my lack of maintenance. But I still ran to my bathroom and used every Skintimate-Venus-Veet product under my bathroom sink to attempt to mask my embarrassment.


I mean honestly, did this guy think he was going to gain a new customer with this approach? Or maybe he just couldn’t stop thinking forget the grass…

Much luv,


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