60 Qualities of the Perfect Guy for the 14 Year Old Me

Remember Xanga? I found this on my Xanga that I had when i was 14. 10 years later and not much has changed!

Side note: I was 14 so please excuse the adolescent language lol

Friday, June 18, 2004

1. hair color: brown but with a hint of some lighter brown…def
2. eye color: light eyes, i want green in particular
3. height: not too tall so that he has to hunch over when he talks to me, and not shorter then me (DEFINETLY not shorter then me)
4. six pack: def
5. long or short hair: medium…
6. glasses: those are always attractive but not dorky looking once, cuz those definetly arent…
7. piercing: wouldnt htat be hot? but that would never get past the parents, so no
8. scars: where?
10. butt: hahahahahhaha not too big, and small
11. chest hair: none
12. teeth: straight, white, and sparkly
13. buff or skinny: buff, please
14. funny or serious: funny when its good to be, and serious when he should be
15. party or stay at home: enh, either one works for me
16. should he cook or bake: o0o tough one, id like both please!
17. best friend: his best friend should be hot too (but not hotter than him) so that someone would ACTUALLY double date with him
18. have a lot of girlfriends: maybe, like, two…jus so he knows how it works
19. outgoing or shy: both…because being shy is soo cute and being outgoing is definetly good
20. sarcastic or sincere: i hate sarcasm, but only at the wrong times
21. love his mother: yeah, but doesnt go overboard
22. should he watch chick flicks: to an extent, but not be obsessed cuz thats just weird
23. would he be a smoker: I’d never go out with a guy with cigarrette breath
24. would he swear: doesnt matter
25. would he drink: as long as its not a lot and all the time
26. play with ur hair: always
27. player: what kinda question is this???
28. would he pay for dates: sure
29. does he kiss on the first date: if hez mine
30. where would you go for dinner: doesnt matter, as long as its not some cheap place
31. would he bring you flowers: haha he doesnt have to
32. would he lay under the stars with you: always want to, and if he cant, we’d improvise
33. would he write poems about you: yes, and he better be good
34. would he call you hunny, sweetie, or baby: all of them, including one he made up for me
35. would he hang out with you and your friends: yes and my friends have to love him
36. would you hang out with him and his friends: yes, and they better like me…it be soo messed up if they hated me
37. will he walk to the door at the end of the date: yeessssss
38. holding hands: definetly
39. soccer: NO JOCKS!!
40. baseball: ” ”
41. basketball: yes, must love basketball, has to love basketball
42. football: sure, thats fine
43. water polo: what? okay
44. skateboard: that be cute
45. snowboard: that be hot
46. surf: that be hotter
47. sing: yes, must and cant be shy to sing to me either
48. play the guitar: doesnt really matter

49. play piano: yes…that would be sooo cute
50. play drums: woah, sure
51. clean his room: if hez a guy, chances are his room isnt clean to begin with….so it wouldnt matter
52. paint, draw, sculpt: awww that be cute
53. writes his own music: awww
54. use the word dude:haha sure, cuz i use it all the time
55. use the word tyte: no, thats gross
56. would he catch the sun rise with you: yes, and wake me up if im missing it
57. what kind of car: convertable, preferably red…BMW
58. how old is he: 2-3 years older than me.
59. what would his name be: Ashiq…or start with an A
60. where would you two first meet: ive got this weird habit of meeting guys at parties…so there, i guess… but id like to meet under the stars, barely knowing eachother and then GET to know eachother and get to love eachother…

Reading back through, not much has changed, but some things have (like he better not use the word dude regularly? Yikes!). It’s fun to look back to see what kind of person I was (like what is up with #60? I didn’t realize I was such a sap lol!).

Do you have a Xanga? I dare you to dig it up and check out what you were like 10 years ago! I’d love to talk to this girl and let her know, well, she’s got good taste and the guy that fits a lot of these qualities is just around the corner!

Much Love and Smiles,


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