How Halloween and Bunnies will be the End of the Human Race as we know it


Aaah… All Hallows Eve… the one night of the year where Playboy Bunnies and Disney Princesses in short dresses alike will come out to find a mate, or anyone who will give them a second look. The day where Corporate America will make their millions by counter intuitively selling fewer clothes for more of a price. The day of the year that has the potential to lead to our demise…

To the ladies who have decided to grab their lingerie and bunny ears and to those still on the fence, I plead to you, please think twice before putting on your costume. Your one decision has the ability to effect the entire female race, and ultimately, all of humanity, in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Women will be Objectified

I am by no means a feminist. But what I do have a problem with is other women objectifying themselves; when ladies find it okay to grab their bikinis and prance around the dance floor asking men to look at them.. This only makes it okay for men to objectify them, and in turn, all women. This is why when you go to clubs, men think it’s okay to grab the closest lady and dance with them or grope them as they please. It’s not because I objectified myself, but because that girl across the dance floor did and this guy thinks all women are now objects. Halloween is the one night of the year that reminds men women are nothing but toys.

Step 2: All Men will Objectify All Women… and get way with it.

Let’s take Chris Brown and Rihanna for example. It goes without saying Rihanna is one of the top three least clothed artists of our time at all times. In fact, I distinctly remember her performance on SNL a couple months ago where she was wearing something comparable to a Victoria Secret bikini while groping the microphone in X-rated, inappropriate ways. What has she done for herself? Objectified herself so much that she was the victim of an abusive relationship. And how did society respond? Chris Brown is still a chart-topping artist. I know of so many women (including myself) who refuse to listen to his music because of what he has done to Rihanna, but that hasn’t stopped his many successes. Instead, Rihanna continually takes him back and what message does that send to men?

Step 3: This Sweeps the Globe

Now that men realize how okay it is, all men everywhere will understand this basic concept and begin treating their women with disrespect and harm them. Again, it’s not that I as a woman did anything directly, but that someone else ruined it for me. Then what?

Step 4: The end of the human race as we know it

No more women=no more people. The end.

So please ladies, before you grab those bunny ears and stilettos to prance your bushy tail around all Halloween, please think twice. My future and my great grand children’s future depend on it.

As for me, I’m going to be a Skittle.

Much love and smiles,


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